Life is a collaboration

And design is a process.

A process that lets us evolve together.

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“Eighteen years after Jeff built our first home, we needed more room, so I asked Jeff to design an addition to our home. He did. We went forward with that addition. It was beautifully done and integrated so well that only our oldest friends knew what part of our home was new.

When we finally decided to sell this home that we had owned for nearly 38 years, many prospective buyers commented that they loved the fact that we had used the original architect for our addition. Several prospective buyers (and the ultimate buyers) loved the plans and the scale model Jeff did for the unbuilt second addition. Many commented how beautifully integrated it was,and how seamlessly it would expand this living space.

We loved our Jeff Abrams home. We raised our two children there and lived there almost 38 years. That home had both amazing live-ability and the uniqueness of a one-of-a kind design. That said, the aspect of Jeff’s architectural brilliance that we consider most impressive was Jeff’s ability to grow our home as our needs changed, and to do it so well it was seamless.”

–William and Tiana G., Homeowners

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